90th Anniversary Patch

It all started on a baseball field in Boston over 400 miles from our eventual home. Few could have predicted what we would become back in 1932. Over the last 90 years, the Burgundy & Gold has established itself as one of the most storied franchises in American football, forging a legacy highlighted by three Super Bowls and a total of five World Championships. Along with the hardware we’ve collected in our trophy case, we’ve spearheaded initiatives that have shifted the landscape of the game as we know it, including the NFL’s first fight song, marching band and radio network. In February 2022, we announced the identity that will carry us into the next 90 years and beyond: the Washington Commanders. 


In June 2002, players and coaches who were significant contributors to the team’s storied history were hand-selected to become members of the franchise’s “70 Greatest” as a way of honoring Washington’s 70th anniversary. In April 2012, we added another 10 individuals to the prestigious list to create the “80 Greatest”. 

commemorating 90 years

To honor the past and give a nod to the new era as the Commanders, the 90th anniversary patch combines elements reflective of the organization’s rich history with features of the new Commanders brand identity. 

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90th Anniversary Patch


Two stripes that frame the years pay homage to the D.C. flag and give the mark a sense of power and authority.

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Defined by angled cuts, bolded lines and serifs that signify forward movement and progress. 

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Maintaining consistency with our new Commanders branding suite and matching our uniforms.

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Aligning with the pattern on our new uniform, the “Diamond Speed Perf” details is inspired by the Metro D.C. boundary and celebrates the progressive thinking from which the city design was conceived.

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